Vehicles on Display

Vehicles on Display

An exhibitor who is planning to include a vehicle on their stand must notify the Organisers their intentions no later than 28 days prior to commencement of the exhibition. Exhibitors will then be given a specific arrival and departure time to move the vehicle on and off the stand.

The Organisers require details of the delivery together with details of the dimensions and weight of the vehicle. Upon arrival a set of keys must be supplied to the Organisers Office for the duration of the event.

The following conditions apply for flammable liquid powered motor vehicles:

  • Ensure that vehicles carry no more than 5L of fuel (not including fuel that may be present in the fuel line and engine.
  • The fuel filler cap must be either sealed or secured to prevent the easy removal of the fuel cap by unauthorised persons.
  • Drip trays are required.
  • 1 X 2.3 kg A:B(E) dry powder fire extinguisher mounted in a prominent location in accordance with AS2444:2001 Portable Fire Extinguishers.
  • For vehicles fuelled by ethanol, methanol or nitro methane, the fuel tanks must be completely empty/purged.
  • Place carpet under tyres.
  • Electric vehicles must be displayed greater than 2m apart
  • Electric vehicles on display must not have been in an accident where the lithium ion battery may have been damaged
  • Electric vehicles with lithium ion batteries that are subject to recall or have known issues shall not be on display in the venue

Log onto the Security Exhibitor portal, complete and submit the Demonstrations, Vehicle and or Machinery Display Requirements order form.